Unity Pro 2018.3.3f1+ Addons Full Version


  • Android: Added AppBundle generation support.
  • Android: Added notch support for Android.
  • Android: Added support for requesting permissions at runtime for apps using API level 23 and above.
  • Android: Added support for using Kotlin source files as plugins.
  • Android: Added the automatic installation and configuration of OpenJDK when installing Unity Android support. Configuration to use manually installed JDKs is no longer officially supported.
  • Animation: Added SkinnedMeshRenderer.forceMatrixRecalculationPerRender. Set this property to manually render a skinned mesh multiple times within a single update. For example, for rendering out the results of an animation to a texture.
  • Asset Import: Added support for importing R16 textures.
  • Editor: Added ability to view each channel in the Texture Inspector.
Editor : Added improvements to the window tabs :
  • The selected window tab is now highlighted using a blue outline.
  • The width of the tab is now adjusted according to the length of the tab title.
  • You can now scroll through open tabs with arrows when the number of open tabs exceeds the width of the window.

[Download file [Part1] From Zippyshare] (500MB)
[Download file [Part2] From Zippyshare] (168MB)
[Download file [Part1] From Zippyshare(500MB)
[Download file [Part2] From Zippyshare(168MB)

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