SideFX Houdini FX 16.5.536 Full Version

SideFX Houdini FX 16.5.536 Full Version

TORONTO: Nov 7, 2017 - SideFX is pleased to announce the release of Houdini 16.5 – which continues Houdini 16’s push into character, rigging and animation enhancements – as well as adding a wide variety of new features and improvements in VFX, modelling, rendering and UI.

The SideFX R&D team has been packing a ton of new features and enhancements into Houdini and whether you’re using Houdini for film, TV, advertising, motion graphics, games, or something else - there’s a feature in there for everyone. I actually think of 16.5 as a full release, masquerading as a dot release. 
by Kim Davidson, President and CEO, SideFX .

Film & TV Features :

  • For film, TV, advertising and motion graphics artists, the top new features and enhancements include:
  • Narrow band fluids - ⅓ memory usage and 3X speed (compared to full band)
  • Air incompressibility - for accurate bubble behaviour
  • Optical flow - use 2D or 3D sources to drive any type of Houdini simulation
  • Simulated muscle and flesh - point deform & FEM
  • Crowds with partial ragdolls and quadruped support
  • Grooming enhancements - flexible grooming, faster controls, and artist-friendly tools


The UV workflow in Houdini 16.5 is much more artist-friendly and includes important enhancements to how you work with UV layers. Advanced packing algorithms have been added to the UV layout tool that are faster and more efficient. You can also control the UV region more interactively and easily evaluate for region overlap or flipped UVs. These improvements will be especially important for game artists building models in Houdini.

    [Download file [part1] From Google Drive] (500MB)
    [Download file [part2] From Google Drive] (425MB)
      [Download file [part1] From Google Drive(500MB)
      [Download file [part2] From Google Drive] (425MB)

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