The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.3 V2 Full

The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.3 V2 Full

Nuke®, NukeX® and Nuke Studio® offer cutting-edge toolkits for node-based compositing, editorial and review. The Nuke family’s unparalleled flexibility and collaborative workflows help you get the highest quality results—fast.

The compositing power of NukeX, plus the multi-track editorial timeline of Hiero, allowing you to conform, review, edit, and even create and render compositions from the timeline. Nuke Studio gives supervisors & artists more creative control.

Nuke 11.3 brings greater control and flexibility to LiveGroups, new timeline stereo and VR workflows, bounding box and channel management features, plus significant particle performance improvements!

Expanded Live Groups
New functionality offers greater control when managing Live Groups, especially for larger teams and more complex pipelines. Overrides now allow users to maintain user knob values when versioning up a Live Group. New locking functionality introduces an editable and non-editable state in place of the previous “make local” workflow, providing more nuanced control when changes are made. Both of these features introduce new UI indications and additional Python hooks for integration.

UI and channel improvements in Nuke 11.3 Play
Selection modes, bounding box and channel UI updates
Nuke 11.3 brings updates to the UI for bounding box size and channel count which make it easy to see the state of these common performance bottlenecks at a glance. New selection modes give artists more options for selecting areas of objects in 2D and 3D views.

Particle simulation performance improvements
NukeX’s particle system has been optimized to produce up to 6x faster particle simulations and 4x faster playback of particles in the viewer. In our tests, improvements are seen at any scale, with more improvement in simulations with a higher number of particles. For custom particle plug-in developers, while existing code will still compile, you can take advantage of new APIs to benefit from similar performance gains. See the documentation for full details.

VectorCornerPin in Nuke 11.3 Play
New Vector Corner Pin for Smart Vector workflow
A new VectorCornerPin node has been added to the Smart Vector toolset in NukeX. This node uses Smart Vectors to warp a corner-pinned image between keyframes. The user can set keyframes using ‘to’ and ‘from’ knobs, just like in the CornerPin node, but between keyframes the source image will move according to the additional Smart Vector input. This allows users a high level of control to constrain elements in a specific location, while still utilising the power of Smart Vectors to drive the underlying distortion of an element. Using the Vector Corner Pin can reduce the need to create multiple VectorDistort nodes with different reference frames and mix between them.

Multiview stereo support in Nuke 11.3 Play
New Timeline Multiview support means you can now utilize the same multi file workflows that exist in Nuke on the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline, with support for the %V token on import, an automatic detect views option, new project settings and preferences, create comp and blend tracks support and a ‘split views to tracks’ feature that automatically copies and adds soft effects to the appropriate tracks. There’s also support for full resolution stereo on monitor out to help make review sessions even easier and a new export preset to help with rendering.

Pipeline updates in Nuke 11.3
Pipeline updates: ARRI and Sony SDKs and GPUs
We’ve made a number of updates to support the latest versions of popular cameras and eGPUs. Sony RAW SDK has been upgraded from version 2.4 to 3.1. Footage from the Sony VENICE camera, and X-OCN encoded footage from the F5, F55 and VENICE is now supported. The ARRI SDK has also been upgraded to version 6. And support has been added for AMD cards in eGPU set-ups for Mac OS 10.13.5 and later. The Sonnet eGFX Breakaway box and BlackMagic eGPU have both been tested with Nuke 11.3.

  • Install Nuke
  • Install FLT7
  • Go to C:\Program Files\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1 and start FoundryLicenseUtility as Admin
  • Go to RLM Server tab and stop the server
  • Go to Diagnostics tab and run the Diagnostics to get the host name and the system ID (MAC_ADDRESS)
  • Edit the xf_foundry.lic
  • Copy and paste the xf_foundry.lic to:
         * C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\FLEXlm
         * C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM
  • Copy and paste the rlm.foundry.exe ( crack) to:
         * C:\Program Files\The Foundry\FLEXlm
         * C:\Program Files\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1\bin\FLEXlm
         * C:\Program Files\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1\bin\RLM (override)
         * C:\Program Files\The Foundry\RLM
  • Go back to the FoundryLicenseUtility and start the server
  • Start Nuke and choose install license then Use server
  • Type the server and port ( 5053@ ) then click Install.
[Download file (Part1) From MEGA : 500 MB]
[Download file (Part2) From MEGA : 259 MB]
[Download file (Part1) From MEGA : 500 MB]
[Download file (Part2) From MEGA : 259 MB]
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