Unity Pro 2018.2 + Addons Updated Full [Google Drive]

2018.2.0f2 Release Notes (Full)
Features :
  • 2D: Add option to SpriteRenderer to allow sorting of SpriteRenderer by its center or by its pivot point
  • 2D: Added support for hexagonal layout for Grid component.
  • Android: Add command line option "-setDefaultPlatformTextureFormat" to set the default texture format prior to importing or building, allowing the user to avoid importing twice: Once for the system default texture format then a second time for the desired format. Only Android is currently supported. Expects a single parameter from: dxt, pvrtc, atc, etc, etc2, astc.
  • Android: Added support for using Java source files as plugins in Unity project. These files will be compiled and included into APK.
  • Android: Create a separate APK for each CPU architecture (universal APKs are still supported).
  • Android: Make AndroidJavaProxy work with default java methods
  • Animation: Animation C# Jobs: Possibility to edit the animation stream directly from a Playable using C# Jobs (see AnimationScriptPlayable)
  • Asset Import: Import animated property curves of constraint components
  • Build Pipeline: Scriptable Build Pipeline Released
  • Editor: Added Vulkan support in the Editor on Windows and Linux
  • Editor: Assembly Definition Files (asmdef) assemblies are now compiled on startup before any other scripts (Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends) and compilation does not stop on the first compile error. All asmdef assemblies that successfully compile and have all their references compiled are loaded before compiling the remaining scripts (Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends). Ensures that Unity packages are always built and loaded regardless of other compile errors in the project.
  • Editor: High-DPI scaling support on Linux
  • Editor: High-DPI scaling support on Windows
  • Editor: Improved LineRenderer editor. Added support for editing lines in scene, applying automated simplification and improved the display of the points list in the inspector.
  • Editor: Unity Engine modules can now be disabled in Package Manager UI as built-in modules
  • Editor: UXML schema generation
  • Graphics: Add/Set positions in a TrailRenderer from script.
  • Graphics: Added smooth deletion of TrailRenderer points.
  • Graphics: Added StreamingController component which provides more control over the mipmap texture streaming including preloading in advance of camera cuts
  • Graphics: Added texture streaming support to load mipmaps on demand.
  • Graphics: Asynchronous GPU readback API
  • Graphics: BakeMesh script API added for ParticleSystemRenderer, LineRenderer and TrailRenderer
  • Graphics: Scriptable shader variants stripping
  • Graphics: Start/stop a TrailRenderer from spawning points, with the new "Emitting" new checkbox.
  • GI: Configurable falloff for Progressive Lightmapper (legacy, linear, inverse squared, inverse squared with attenuation).
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